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Questions to Ask Yourself Before Designing a Website

If you have decided to design your own website, or even if you will be hiring someone to do it for you, there are some crucial things to consider before proceeding. Taking the time to answer a few simple questions can help give you some valuable insights and direct your efforts in the most productive direction. Read on for some important considerations. The first thing you want to determine is the actual goal of your website. If […]


A Guide To Learning The Fundamentals Of Website Design

In order to be successful designing a site, you have to know the fundamentals of website design. So where do you start? There are a variety of ways you can learn about designing sites, and the opportunities are endless. Consider the following helpful guide to learning the fundamentals of website design. Make sure you are consistently going back to Dreamweaver to practice and keep your skills down. You want to look for new trends, and you want […]